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Those from 50 Top Pizza have made public the top 50 best pizzerias in Europe in 2023. Here, below, are the first 10 of them. Include them in your list to visit/test, when you arrive in one of the following cities:

1. Sartoria Panatieri - Barcelona (Spain)

Sartoria Panatieri, from Barcelona, is the best pizzeria in the 50 Top Pizza Europe for 2023, as announced by the most influential guide in the world of pizza at a ceremony that took place for the first time in Barcelona. at the beginning of May.

Sartoria Panatieri, pizzeria run by Rafa Panatieri and Jorge Sastre, also won the special prize for Pizza of the Year 2023 - Latteria Sorrentina, for its sauce of fried cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and Dutch basil.

2. Baest - Copenhagen (Denmark)

The second place in 50 Top Pizza Europe 2023 went to Baest, the pizzeria that the Italian Christian Puglisi has in Copenhagen (Denmark). Chef Christian Puglisi managed to create a real style in the world of pizza. His Neapolitan-inspired pizza has been turned into a Northern European key with a rich dough and a more intense taste with a hint of bitterness due to the targeted combinations.

At Baest, almost everything is organic and produced at Fattoria delle idee, even the salami and mozzarella are homemade. The weekend brunch formula combined with the offer of natural wines as an accompaniment to the pizza, as well as the cocktails, have proven to be a real success.

3. 50 Kalò - London (UK)

In third place is the London pizzeria 50 Kalò, owned by Ciro Salvo, a pizzeria that has always been at the top of the guide, ever since its first edition.

50 Kalò de Ciro Salvo in London is a real point of reference for pizza lovers. With years of experience behind him, he has reached a level of perfection that few can match. The location, in the center of Trafalgar Square, is welcoming, and the staff is extremely professional and polite. The quality of the pizza is unmatched, and this place is a must for anyone looking for the perfect pizza.

4. Via Toledo Enopizzeria - Vienna (Austria)

The award-winning pizzeria, with offices in Vienna and Dubai, has always stood out for the quality of the dough, the ingredients used, as well as for the excellent service. The creators of the list believe that Via Toledo Enopizzeria, with its gourmet pizza, has constantly raised the bar, year after year, remaining one of the best pizzerias in Europe and the world. The wide selection of wines listed on the menu is combined with various pizzas and this represents an additional strength of Via Toledo. A special mention goes to "Sfumature Coralline", a gourmet pizza with an extremely delicate flavor made with Fiordilatte - broccoli cream, fried broccoli and tartare from Mazara del Vallo.

5. Pizza Zulù - Fürth (Germany)

Gaspare Squitieri is considered one of the great masters of true Neapolitan pizza in Germany. Its consistent presence along with quality make every aspect of this pizza stand out, from the fragrant and brightly colored pizza to the contemporary soft crust style. Here, the fried dishes are always perfect, the atmosphere is full of life, and the service very attentive.

6. Figurato Brothers - Madrid (Spain)

The relationship between Madrid and pizza has never been so strong thanks to the excellent quality that Riccardo and Vittorio Figurato bring to their presentations. The Figurato brothers, of Italian origin, brought a breath of Italian spirit to the capital of Spain. The location is simply furnished, but neat and reminiscent of the Neapolitan tradition. Their pizza has a large crust that melts in your mouth. The timeless margherita and pizza with provola and pepper must be tried. The desserts are homemade and a good espresso will immediately catapult you to the middle of southern Italy.

7. Forza - Helsinki (Finland)

On one of the middle class streets in Helsinki, the Salla and Luca Platania restaurant has become an absolute landmark in the city. In fact, here the Romanian tradition of pan pizza and wonderful cakes, executed to perfection meets the contemporary Neapolitan tradition of round pizza with local products. The fantastic doughs are aromatic and fragrant. The enormous dedication that Luca has put into his work, especially in recent years, can really be seen. Special care is given to the selection of drinks, with many Italian labels. Must try "Maritozzo", possibly one of the best desserts you will ever taste.

8. Naples on the Road - London (UK)

Pizzeria Napoli on the Road in London's Chiswick neighborhood is an authentic Neapolitan experience. Thanks to its refined furniture and large windows overlooking the oven, the location is very welcoming. The menu offers a wide selection of fried dishes and pizza, all prepared with high quality ingredients. The service is attentive and fast and openly available to help the customer. Definitely worth a visit!

9. nNea - Amsterdam (Netherlands)

The place is narrow and long, furnished in a welcoming manner. The success of this pizzeria can be seen in the fact that you have to reserve a place online several months in advance. The service is efficient and attentive. If you enjoy a modern Neapolitan pizza with a large crust, you are in the right place. I tried the ball of fried pasta with potatoes and provola. Among the types of pizza, we recommend Provola and pepper or Oro di Bufala, ideal for enjoying the purity of the ingredients and the softness of the dough. The beer selection is adequate, and the wine list is varied and of high quality.

10. La Balmesina - Barcelona (Spain)

A warm and welcoming atmosphere will greet you in this pizzeria in Barcelona with an Italian heart. The pizza dough is made with dough, organic flours and a long leavening time of about 72 hours, which means that the pizza is well leavened and the crust slightly pronounced. The ingredients are of excellent quality, and the service is polite and fast. The wines are organic, and the prices are above the city average.

You can find the rest of the top 50 locations on the website


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