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Anyone who is passionate about fitness knows that there are gyms that are simply iconic.

For gym enthusiasts, traveling means visiting one of these famous locations in the world and training, at least once, in a place where the legends trained. Below is a selection of the 7 best gyms in the world to visit:

Babel Fit (Kuala Lumpur, Malaezia)

Here you have a stunning lounge in the garden and several gymnasiums, one more beautiful than the other. The changing rooms look absolutely stunning, with marble elements and Dyson hair dryers. The location offers integrated health experiences and coaching for a healthy lifestyle.

David Barton Limelight (New York, USA)

Perhaps the most spiritual gym in the world, David Barton Limelight is housed in the space of a former church from the 19th century. The Gothic architecture, with high stone walls and ceilings and intricate stained glass windows provides a fabulous complement to the latest sports equipment.

Sweat by BXR London (Doha, Qatar)

BXR, the Doha location, was designed with the best architects, lighting designers and sound specialists in the country. The hall has thus become a completely captivating training space for all those who come here, regardless of whether they want to acquire boxing skills or get the best cardio training in the world. The hall includes luxury facilities and is located in the iconic Burj Doha.

Gravity Club (Singapore)

Gravity Club offers highly personalized and holistic wellness services, the location offering a breathtaking view of Marina Bay and Singapore's central business district. Access here is limited to a number of 999 members, and once accepted into the club, you will have access to the most remarkable fitness facilities in the whole world.

Le Klay (Paris, France)

Le Klay is located in the 2nd district of Paris, in a historic building from the 19th century. The space obviously has ultra-modern equipment, a spa and even a restaurant, whose menu helps you keep your figure! A dream setting, where access costs 1,730 euros per year.

ImaxShift (New York, US)

IMAXShift offers an immersive group cycling workout powered by giant projection screen technology and sound from IMAX. In the space of 7,000 square meters, those who train on bicycles have a real experience in front of the massive screen, and feel that they are pedaling through the solar system, over the coasts of Hawaii, on the streets of Japan or alongside Beyoncé, through the images projected here .

Third Space (London, UK)

It's widely agreed that Third Space is one of the most luxurious gyms in London, whether you're going for a morning Just Ride class, a lunchtime session with one of the Master Trainers at Tower Bridge or an evening of swimming in Islington. This is more than a gym, it's a lifestyle.

Meanwhile, did I whet your appetite to go to the gym? You can start here, by reserving your place in the classes available on our website.


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