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With a network of 44 rivers and turquoise blue backwaters, Kerala basks in the lap of nature. This pristine and serene state lies in the South - Eastern part of India and is much favoured due to its exotic wildlife, herbs, emerald green hill stations and the crystal clear Arabian Sea along its coast. Here are some interesting facts about this state in India:

1. God’s own country

The slogan used by the Kerala Tourism Department says it all about this alfresco state. With the Arabian Sea in the west and a channel of backwaters running throughout the state, Kerala indeed offers the most scenic backdrop for all your clicks! A horde of coconut trees can be witnessed, and its turquoise blue waters will surely take your breath away.

2. Cleanest State of India

Kerala is said to be the cleanest state of India along with Sikkim. The only state to have hospitals and banks in every village. Along with being the cleanest state it also offers necessary facilities in every corner. Kerala is the only state to have provided banking facilities and hospitals in its remotest locations, thus increasing its overall development.

3. The wealthiest Hindu temple in the World is in Kerala

Hinduism is a prominent religion of the Indian subcontinent and hence more than 1,60,650 temples are present in the country. Out of these, the richest Hindu temple in the world is located in Kerala. Padmanabhaswamy temple is the richest temple regarding gold and precious stones.

4. The Paradise of Ayurveda

Kerala is known for its pioneer in medication using Ayurveda as its treatment method. It is also home to Somatheeram, the world's first Ayurvedic Resort. Ayurveda is also used for beauty, massage and hair treatment.

Ayurveda is used for medical treatment primarily. Even today with the modernisation of medicine, Kerala uses age-old Ayurvedic techniques to fight and cure most of its diseases. It is also being used to treat arthritis in the state. Ayurveda is the primal mode of medicine in Kerala.

5. Highest gold consumption in the country

The state of Kerala consumes about 20% of the country's gold. Brides to be in Kerala can be seen submerged in gold from head to toe.

6. The largest rubber producers in the nation

India is the 4th largest rubber-producing country in the world. Kerala produces more than 90% of the total rubber in the country. Around 5.45 hectares of land in Kerala is being used for rubber cultivation.

7. It has an abundance of coconut trees

About 770.000 hectares of cultivated area in Kerala is used for coconut plantation. Its production plays a vital role in the state's economy. Even the state is named after it. 'Kera' stands for coconut tree whereas 'alam' means land. Thus, Kerala can be iterated as the land of coconut trees.

8. Home to world’s oldest teak trees

Nilambur Teak Plantation in Malappuram is home to the world’s oldest teak trees. H.V. Conolly, the collector of Malabar district during the mid 19th century, established the plantation around Nilambur town in the 1840s. Kannimari was the first sapling planted in the area and is now the oldest tree in the world. Besides the environmental significance, Kannimari is worshipped by many tribals living in the area.

9. Highest Point in India, Anamudi Peak (excluding Himalayas)

Anamudi peak of Anaimalai range is called the ‘Everest of South India’. Reaching a height of 8133 ft, it is the highest point on western ghats and the tallest in India after the Himalayan mountains. It shares the border with Idukki and Ernakulam districts.

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