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Laughing is healthy for our health. It releases accumulated stress and tension, because while we shave the body experiences a form of catharsis, so we feel relaxed, energized and positive.

In order to have such a state as often as possible, there are several ways in which we can take from life and include it in our everyday life.

Enjoy the laugh whenever you have the opportunity, together with your family, friends or colleagues. Laughter is contagious and you are much more likely to laugh with others than when you are alone. If something funny happens, it's perfect! If not, the laugh is more important than the reason. You don't even have to have a very serious / funny reason to laugh. You just have to laugh and feel good.

Appreciate the sound of laughter around you. Why not enjoy the sound of people having fun around you? Let the sounds of laughing or children playing enter and spread through every cell of your body. Connect to this feeling and smile. Aren't you already feeling cheerful?

Choose a joyful approach to mundane tasks. Chores at work, washing, folding clothes and other monotonous chores are less burdensome if we smile, laugh, or even play while doing them. Find an element of fun in what you have to do during the day and you will have much more positive energy.

Set goals and celebrate success. Achieving goals, even the smallest ones, releases dopamine and stimulates the reward center of the brain, bringing feelings of pleasure and a state of happiness. Enjoy the moment.

Live in the present and do more of the things that bring you joy every day, with gratitude. Take time to enjoy a bath, enjoy a cup of tea, laugh with friends, take a class or do whatever helps you relax and smile.

Smile and live well.


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