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Cahuita National Park is one of the most amazing destinations in Costa Rica, due to its white sand beaches, lush jungle and biodiversity that resides here. The park covers an area of 1,067 hectares of rainforest, mangroves and coral reefs.

As you walk through the stunning Cahuita National Park, located on the Caribbean coast, you are overwhelmed by the paradisiacal view of the place. From the exotic beach on the shores of the Caribbean Sea, which joins the rainforest, to the lazy trees or the hermit crabs that run to take shelter when they see you.

As the sound of howling monkeys filling the quiet forest with their loud cries subsides, your attention is drawn to several species of wild animals emerging from the shadows.

The wildlife in this area is amazing biodiversity, the most common mammals are armadillos, raccoons, sloths, capuchin monkeys and howlers. Also here you can see many species of reptiles and amphibians, such as the Blue Jeans frog, the red-eyed tree frog, the green iguanas and even the constrictor boa! Among the birds that live in the Cahuita National Park are the toucan, the aracaris with the beak of fire and many others.

Join us on the virtual trip we propose to you, together with Alejandro (local guide in Costa Rica), to discover the beauty of this place. Travel virtually and, why not, prepare your homework in advance to spend a future dream vacation in this paradise.

Find out more details about this special experience and book your place right now.


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