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Power Yoga is designed for those who go to the gym! The concept was developed in the 90's in an effort to bring the eastern practice of yoga to a Western audience looking for different types of results, especially those related to fitness. Power Yoga was inspired by Ashtanga, a more intense and faster style of yoga, in which there is fluidity in moving from one posture to another.

Power Yoga is based more on fitness than on classical yoga. This practice generates more internal heat, increases endurance, strength, flexibility and reduces stress. In this practice, you have the opportunity to use classic yoga poses in such a way as to obtain a more intense training, based on cardio.

Basically, Power Yoga takes all the health benefits of yoga and takes them to a higher level to help you meet your fitness goals and feel better.

This experience is welcome for anyone who wants to change their fitness routine, whether they are already a practitioner or beginner, as well as for those who do not feel comfortable with traditional yoga styles. Power Yoga gives you the chance to enjoy the many physical and mental benefits of a yoga practice without feeling the pressure to adapt to a traditional yoga lifestyle, mentality or aesthetics.

The Power Yoga online classes, from the Yoga Wellness at Home program, are especially suitable for beginners and those at an intermediate level. Practicing yoga online gives you the space you need to learn the basics without feeling the pressure of the thought that those around you are following you. At these sessions you are in your comfort zone while testing the waters of experiences that can be easily outside your comfort zone. In addition, if you feel the need, you can interrupt the session to reset your body.

Still not fully convinced of the Power Yoga experience?

These benefits will motivate you to register in this program right now:

  • improves the general condition of the heart

  • reduces chronic pain

  • adjusts the weight

  • improves mood

  • strengthens the immune system

  • it can help you sleep better

  • increases flexibility

  • provides mental clarity

  • more force etc.

Want to know more about this experience and the entire Yoga Wellness at Home program? Here are more details! In addition, do not hesitate to write to us by email or WhatsApp or call us.


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