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Sommeliers have been pairing wine and cheese for hundreds of years. From this ancient practice developed a sophisticated and nuanced culinary art.

The French region of Brie, for example, has long been noted for its production of Brie cheese, as well as for many tannic wine varieties, such as Beaujolais. This is one of the most popular wine and cheese combinations in the world.

Italy, another major wine and cheese producer, also boasts a rich history of wine and cheese pairing. For example, Italian Asiago cheese is often recommended with Italian Chianti or Brunello.

Scientists believe that foods at the opposite ends of the taste spectrum often create a pleasant sensation of taste, triggering a very good matching sensation. This is true for wine and cheese, as well as many other food and beverage combinations. Astringent foods alternated with creamier foods often create a pleasant taste combination. This discovery helps explain why wine and cheese have been paired for so long, as the two developed simultaneously centuries ago.

You can find out more about this pairing of wines with cheeses from the tasting session held by Alina Iancu, on April 15, 2021, from 19:30. For a complete experience, before the live streaming session, you will receive a tasting package, consisting of local wines and cheeses. Everything is included in the participation fee for the experience.

There are a few days left until the registration is completed. Don't miss the opportunity to spend a relaxing evening with interesting people and discover wonderful things about the sophisticated universe of cheeses and wines.


15 Apr., 19:30 – 20:30



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