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The more a child knows more about their sexuality, the less they have to rely on information gathered from friends or adults, who could take advantage of their lack of information. In addition, children who understand their bodies feel more confident and will be harder to manipulate sexually.

Here are some principles to keep in mind when talking to a child or teen about sexuality:

  1. Children should learn the correct language for all parts of the body.

  2. Don't wait for the "big talk." Children need age-appropriate information throughout their lives.

  3. Take advantage of the natural events around you to talk about sex and sexuality (eg when you change her diapers, you can name her body parts, when someone close to the family is expecting a baby, you can talk to her about how children are born, etc.).

  4. Our actions speak louder than words. Therefore, children will most likely imitate / practice what they see around them. Be aware of this.

  5. Most of the time, adults are reluctant to share "too much information with a child" for fear that this will not be considered permission by the latter. Keep in mind that such information does not suddenly arouse a child's interest in sexuality, it will only satisfy a basic curiosity.

  6. When children ask questions, give them accurate information at a level appropriate to their age.

  7. Starting an early conversation about sexuality and continuing it as the child grows up is the best sex education strategy.

Find out more useful information on how to approach sexuality with your child and how to answer difficult questions in the online course "How do we talk to children about sexuality, body, relationships?"

The course is taught by Cristina Dinu Popa, a psychotherapist with over 13 years of experience, who accompanies adults and children on their journey towards themselves through an authentic and accepting relationship. Cristina is also an educational consultant for innovation in education.

How do we talk to children about sexuality, body, relationships?

Date of development: 14 - 23.05.2021



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