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Emotional self-control is our ability to control disruptive emotions and impulses and to maintain control over our actions.

Here are just a few of the strategies that can be applied to increase control over emotions when needed:

Think logically when you are worried

Worry is the antithesis of emotional self-control. The impact of excessive worry can be worse than the real problem that causes worry. Of course, the manifestation of a minimum dose of concern is fine, because it helps us to be vigilant about our business / problem at work, etc. and it can prevent us from taking unjustified risks.

Disconnect from the drama

Good leaders take care of their people, but they also know how to keep a healthy distance from them and various situations. Being swallowed up in the drama of others can weaken your own self-control and cause you to lose concentration.

Turn technology into your ally

We all sent, at one time or another, a hasty e-mail that I later regretted. If you are prone to such situations, protect yourself by setting a rule in Outlook to delay sending all emails by a few minutes. This can also be applied to Gmail, for example, by calling Google's Undo feature, which can be set to give you a 30-second delay - enough time to reread what you've written.

Buy some time

When you face problems that put your emotional self-control to the test, one of the best things you can do is to temporarily move away from the situation. Take a 20-minute break to detach yourself from the situation and start thinking coldly.

Emotions influence our judgment and choice. Moreover, a recent study shows that emotions can move from one situation to the next unrelated. For example, the anger generated by traffic jams can translate into anger when you get to the office. Moreover, this usually happens below the threshold of our awareness. Indicated in such situations is to consider postponing an important decision, if you face such a thing, until you calm down.

You can find out more concrete and useful things about what to do to achieve professional performance through emotional self-control from Maria-Iris Hoeppe, during the online coaching session - "Start gaining emotional self-control"

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Maria-Iris Hoeppe is a professional coach, accredited by the International Coaching Federation. She has over 4,000 hours of active coaching and has implemented numerous coaching programs for both teams and managers.


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