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1. The casino in Sinaia, which stands out for its unique elegant architecture, was inaugurated in 1913, with great pomp. The launch event included a theater show presented by Alexandru Davila, and among the guests present were the royal family and Titu Maiorescu.

2. Two days after the launch of the casino in Sinaia, the Loebel brothers (close to the main investor of the casino - Baron de Marçay, also an investor in the Monte Carlo casino) committed suicide because they lost their entire fortune here.

3. Peles Castle was built on land purchased by King Carol I in 1872. To place the building on a solid foundation, 20,000 cubic meters of land and pieces of Mount Molomot were dislocated.

4. Peles Castle was the first fully electric lighting castle in Europe (it was designed with its own power plant)

5. Two parchments sealed in glass and lead tubes were buried under the foundation stone of Peles Castle, along with a collection of gold coins, minted in the face of Carol I. These 20 lei coins were banned by the Ottoman Empire. And the buried documents are the declaration of intent and the foundation deed of Peles Castle.

6. One of the most important visits to Peles Castle was that of the Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph in 1896.

7. Pelisor Castle was built by King Carol I and was intended for the future King Ferdinand and Queen Maria. The whole castle has the imprint of Queen Maria, being decorated according to the plans drawn by her.

8. At Pelisor they grew up: the future king Carol, Marioara (queen of Yugoslavia), Elisabeta (queen of Greece) and Prince Nicolae.

9. Sinaia is the only city in Romania that has two royal stations. The old one was built in 1886 by King Carol I and here stopped the famous Orient Express train. The second station was built at the request of King Charles II and was reserved exclusively for the royal family and its guests.

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