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The automotive world is full of bold and strange attempts to build vehicles that are different from the average car. Fortunately, most of the models created in this way remain at the level of concept cars, but there are also some that seem to have slipped through the net of government regulations and found their place on the street, in different corners of the world. It is interesting that some of these cars were not produced by start-up companies, but by famous car manufacturers, such as Ford, General Motors or Honda.

From models created for the general market to bizarre concepts, here are some of the most unusual and stunning cars ever built, the driving of which is a real experience.

Peel P50 (1962)

Produced by Peel Engineering Company, the microcar won the Guinness World Record title for the smallest production car. The Peel P50 did not have a reverse gear and was operated manually with the help of the rear handle.

Proof that there are people who love strange things is the fact that this car fetched $176,000 at a Sotheby's auction. It should be mentioned that the vehicle is still in production, with improved reverse gear and everything that comes with a modern car.

Vanguard Sebring CitiCar (1974)

The CitiCar, manufactured by Sebring-Vanguard, was a battery-powered, 2-passenger vehicle that briefly captured the imagination of OPEC-era America. The car looks like a shoebox cut in the shape of a piece of cheese and had very low performance on the road. It is hard to say whether it represented a bold vision of a utopian future or a half-dream based on yesterday's technology. CitiCar production stopped in 1979 and was an important milestone on the evolutionary path of the electric car.

Firebird I XP-21 (1953)

The design of the Firebird I XP-21 car was impressive for children. Otherwise, the style was completely impractical. The wheeled fighter had a canopy and a single-seat cockpit with exhaust pipes that mimicked an airplane engine.

The Firebird appeared thanks to General Motors' research into gas turbine engines, which began in the 1940s. The (intended) top speed was approx. 300 km/h, but the Firebird's tires lost traction at 160 km/h when the driver changed gear during a test. It is assumed that the maximum speed of the successors of this model was still 300 km/h.

BMW Isetta (1955)

Some people say it looks like a headless cockroach on wheels or a cockroach with a refrigerator door. The Isetta was the strangest car ever seen. The whole front part was a door on which were the dashboard and the steering wheel, which opened with the whole door. In case of an accident, the exit would have been through the canvas roof.

Nevertheless, the car made a splash (still does) and was sold in over 161,000 units. A fully restored Isetta can fetch up to $40,000.

Ferrari 512S Modulo (1970)

Seen from the side, the 512 S Modulo body appears to have been mounted on a spring-like chassis, with a glass shield that slides to allow entry into the cabin. In addition, all four wheels were partially covered. From afar, it can easily be mistaken for a spaceship.

The Ferrari 512S Modulo debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in 1970 and is a car designed far ahead of its time.

Honda Fuya-Jo (1999)

Honda Fuya-Jo was intended for the young generation who loved the night life. The car was low enough to allow revelers to climb into it without problems and high enough to allow them to stand, and even dance, as they moved from one location to another. Also, the scoreboard mimicked the club's theme.

It is worth noting the general appearance of the car, which gave the impression that you are driving a telephone booth.

Karlmann King (2017)

Karlmann King is the most expensive SUV in the world. Its price starts from 1.08 million dollars and reaches up to 3.8 million dollars. Its global manufacturing began in 2017 in Italy and the United States. Powered by a 6.8-liter V10 engine that produces 398 horsepower, the car can reach a maximum of 220 km/h.

The car has an optional anti-bullet shield. Other amenities include independent front and rear air conditioning, coffee machine, neon lighting, flat screen TV, electric tables, air purification system, a bar, a laptop and a refrigerator. All electrical features can be controlled via an app or a built-in control panel. Entertainment options include a Hi-Fi sound system, PlayStation 4, phone projection, satellite TV and Wi-Fi.

Are you interested in driving a different car? Choose from here such an experience!


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