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From glaciers and fjords to deserts and plains, Europe offers some of the most scenic railway routes.

Trains that climb dramatically high mountains or plunge into huge tunnels, picturesque railway routes that, once discovered, are impossible to leave you cold. Here, train journeys are among the most comfortable and romantic ways to discover unforgettable experiences.

Here, therefore, are some suggestions for traveling by train - an experience that deserves to be discovered once in a lifetime:

Norway - from Oslo to Bergen

This fairytale railway route connects Oslo with Bergen. The journey on this route offers a view like a living painting, regardless of the season, from flowery meadows and lush valleys to frozen pine forests and sparkling lakes.

Spain - from Barcelona to Montserrat

There are many ways to travel from Barcelona to the base of Montserrat mountain, but we recommend you to choose the train. The view is just right, and completing it with a cable car ride and a visit to the Montserrat Museum make the experience worth all the money.

France - La Rhune

An absolutely amazing journey! From the foot of the Pyrenees to the top, on a cog railway from the early 1900s, with the strangest of trains climbing to a dizzying height. Once you reach the top, you will be struck by the amazing views and the grandeur. The train runs from April to September, and the journey starts from the town of Sare.

Germany - The Brocken

Another trip! Germany's Brocken Railway takes passengers up to the Brocken Peak (which is the highest mountain peak in Northern Germany). The journey is made through tight curves, dramatic valleys and even areas with snowy views.

Spain - from Málaga to El Chorro

The train journey from Malaga to El Chorro is sensationally beautiful, even if it takes less than 45 minutes. And if you have enough courage, you can also cross the famous footbridge located almost 100 m high).

Scotland - from Fort William to Mallaig

The Jacobite Steam Train in Scotland is an amazing experience, the route conveying the magic of Scotland, from Fort William to Mallaig. Some call this train the "Hogwarts Express" after the scenes from the "Harry Potter" series, but all that remains is to discover with your own eyes the landscapes offered and the whole experience to form your own opinions.

Serbia and Montenegro - from Belgrade to Bar

Often referred to as the "Balkan Express", the 11-hour trip from Belgrade to Bar celebrates civil engineering and natural grandeur. The journey with this train crosses over 435 bridges, from the Serbian capital to the largest port of Montenegro. During it you will admire the typical socialist architecture of Užice, the modern ski resorts of Kolašin and the rapidly developing tourist area on the south coast of Montenegro - which is extremely beautiful.

Switzerland - from Zermatt to St. Moritz

A trip on "The Glacier Express" train from Zernatt to St. Moritz is spectacular, no matter how high you set your expectations. This mountain wonder connects the resorts of Zermatt and St. Moritz, and such a trip is one of the best ways to have panoramic access to all these dreamy landscapes. The trip lasts seven and a half hours, crosses 291 bridges, 91 tunnels and many areas of beauty that leave you speechless.


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