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The 007 franchise launches its first official tours - but the price is not for everyone...

For this experience you have to be a super-mega-fan 007! The official James Bond franchise has recently started offering themed tours in Europe, in which many of the most famous locations where the films from the famous series were made will be presented.

The tours are made in collaboration with the luxury travel company Black Tomato, and the vacation packages are created with the help of the location managers of the films, to create a close connection with the spirit of one of the longest-running film franchises in the world. And as the action of the films over the years has taken place in some of the most spectacular places in the world, the tours will also be tailored: from Europe to Jamaica and Cuba to Iceland and Hong Kong.

The initial adventure is called "The Assignment: Europe", and the 12-night itinerary begins in London with a boat trip on the River Thames, a day shopping for Bond essentials, continues with sipping Martinis in St James and a night of games of luck. The next stops on the tour are Paris, Monaco, Lake Como and Venice, which include experiences such as water skiing, VIP access to the Monte Carlo Casino and, of course, visiting several locations where James Bond was filmed.

Tour participants can request customized Bond-themed tours with the above destinations plus, for example, the Austrian Alps.

As for the price, the 12-day tour costs (be careful!) 60,000 GBP/person, while for personalized trips, the minimum expenses are 15,000 GBP!

James Bond remains James Bond.


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