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Most of us face signs of premature aging. The good news is that premature aging is a process that can be delayed, and you will find out the ways in which this can be done by participating in the experience of May 21, 2021, at 19:00.

"How to prevent premature aging" is a live online experience, supported by Angelica Mitrea, the host of the session.

Angelica is the founder of Indian Herbal, author and trainer of Ayurveda, trained in the psychotherapeutic orientation of Transactional Analysis and, last but not least, she is very passionate about Indian medicine.

How did you come to develop this passion for all that Ayurveda means?

I started studying Ayurveda 20 years ago and I was simply fascinated by the beauty of this science. Although it is a very complex system, it offers extraordinarily simple and affordable solutions.

What is premature aging and what are the triggers?

In Ayurveda, aging is considered to be the first of the ailments, which is why in the most famous traditional Ayurvedic treatise, Caraka Samhita, it is presented before any other disease. Of course, aging is absolutely normal, but certain effects that come with it are not (deterioration of health, significant reduction in sensory acuity, etc.).

Triggers are varied, ranging from diet, care products, lifestyle, to psycho-emotional factors.

Is this a process that can be kept under control?

It is a process that can certainly be delayed.

What should participants in the live online experience "How to prevent premature aging" on May 21 expect?

They will learn some basic rules that can guide them when establishing their diet. Natural remedies are very important in this process, so they will find out what are the most important remedies in this process. They will know what they can do so that their skin does not age prematurely and maintain its appearance for as long as possible. Another interesting aspect is the importance that Ayurveda gives to the psychomotor and emotional side and how I can approach this side.

Take care of yourself. Sign up for an experience that will help you discover how to feel good in your skin and look younger. The participation fee includes, besides the direct connection with Angelica Mitrea, some Ayurvedic products, as well as a voucher that offers you a 15% discount on other products made from natural ingredients.

Details and registration here: How to prevent premature aging



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