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The color of the room has a major impact on your home. Choosing the best wall colors often comes down to how you want a certain room to make you feel. The color of the paint may seem purely aesthetic, but the shades you use on the walls can affect how you feel and how comfortable that room looks. The psychology of colors means that each shade tends to create a certain response in the psychology of people living in a house. Using these principles will help you eliminate colors to find the best fit for your space.

Here are some examples of colors and how they influence a room:

Blue: shades of blue tend to create a calm, relaxing feeling, but bolder shades such as sapphire energize the space. A light blue shade can give the impression of larger rooms than it really is. But being a cool color, it is ideal to combine it with warm colors or to choose a warmer blue color instead.

Green: another choice of soothing and soothing paint, which works well in almost any space. Green tends to have a relaxing effect on the eyes and can help reduce stress. Shades like emerald create a dramatic look, and lime green works well when you watch a room energize.

Purple: Light purple tends to have a relaxing effect similar to any other, but does not create the feeling of cold. Dark purple creates a dramatic, sophisticated look that evokes luxury, creativity and a royal feeling.

Red: Bright red falls into the category of warm colors. It brings a captivating effect, which adds energy to the space. It also has a reputation for sparking conversation, which is ideal for a living room or living room. Due to its stimulating effect, red is not usually the best option for a bedroom.

Yellow: A yellow room has a happy, energizing, uplifting tone. Despite its sunny mood, yellow can cause people to lose their cold, if it is the dominant color.

Orange: Another energizing color, orange is the most suitable for spaces such as exercise rooms where you want a high level of energy. The color offers a high vibration.

If you want to renovate the house you live in and you are thinking of changing the color of the walls, so as to create harmony and feel good, you have the opportunity to learn more about how to put this into practice.


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