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The famous squash has famously been named "the healthiest sport in the world" and it is famous for pushing players' strength, agility and balance to the limit and it is well known that the game of squash is compared to some of the most energetic high intensity workouts. But squash is also fun and social.

According to a report by the World Health Organisation, physical activity substantially improves overall health and reduces the risk of certain diseases.

In short, we should all do more sports - so why not choose the healthiest type of sport?

Here are some of the benefits that playing squash has on our health:

1. It is a sport for everyone

Squash can be played at any age. It is easy to learn (but difficult to master). In addition, the styles of play, each match and the equipment used can be adapted to suit each player. Research has shown that rocket sports improve, among other things, sociability, locomotor skills and vision.

2. It is good for heart

Squash reduces the risk of heart disease by strengthening its muscles and preventing blood vessels from clogging.

Scientists at the University of Rochester have proven that practicing this sport for just three hours a week can reduce blood pressure and the risk of heart complications.

3. It is good for your mental well-being

Squash is the game that puts your mind to work, because in this type of sport the strategic approach is very important, the intelligent strategy often exceeding the brute force.

4. Squash is the sport that provides complete training for your body

Practicing squash provides a complete workout for your body. It demands the whole body and sets it in motion, including the wrists and back muscles.

5. It can be played all year round

It is the perfect type of sport for indoor, so you can practice it without going out of rhythm.

If you want to always be in shape and have an excellent physical and mental condition, choose a squash experience, your body will thank you.

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