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Popular legend says that the full moon brings to the surface all our emotions, good and bad. In fact, the word "crazy" comes from the belief that the phases of the moon cause temporary madness. Superstitions persist to this day, including the myth that the full moon causes aggression and an increase in visits to the emergency room.

According to astrologers, the full moon could indeed be a time of heightened emotion. Every 28 days or so, the Sun (which represents the ego in astrology) and the Moon (which represents the inner self) are aligned on opposite sides of the Earth, resulting in a full moon. Thus, it is considered that you can free yourself and deal with emotions, without being hindered by your own ego.

For those who want to enter the universe of the magic of the full moon, here are some full moon rituals that astrologers use and recommend:

1. Meditate

Sit in a meditation position. Breathe deeply. Listen to relaxing music. And, above all, focus on what the full moon offers and make peace with yourself.

2. Make a list of forgiveness

Forgiveness is the essence of any full moon ritual. Begin the full moon ritual by writing a list of resentments, grievances, and sufferings that you remembered as you meditated. Then visualize the forgiveness of each person who played a role in the above.

By forgiving in this way, you decide to release that emotional baggage and move on. Otherwise, you will pull him after you and you will not have peace.

3. Take note of what you are grateful for

The next step, after releasing resentment, is to fill the void with gratitude. Take a few moments to think about someone or something you are grateful for and build a list of these things.

4. Take a relaxing bath

According to astrologers, the full moon is an ideal time to take a relaxing bath. The ideal is to add quality bitter salt to the tub. In this way, you eliminate resentment, bitterness or jealousy.

5. Extract an Oracle card

Unlike tarot cards, Oracle cards do not require prior knowledge of use. If you have such a set of cards, extract a book from the pack to see what the next period has in store for you.

6. Charge your crystals

Before going to bed, place your crystals on the window sill. Let them sit overnight in the light of the full moon.

7. Last but not least, take it easy

Finally, astrologers say that the full moon is not the time to start new projects. Rather, if you can, it's a time to relax - as we hoped reading this material was for you.

If beyond a moment of relaxation, you want to discover and deepen this side of yourself, access the link below and subscribe to 🥰 🌝☀️👉 Full Moon Ritual * Astrology & Crystal Therapy Special Edition

The online experience is organized by Monica Filip, who has as guest Iulia Taraze (astrologer, crystal therapist and consultant Vastu).

Monica helps people to reconnect with them but also with nature, organizing annual trips to Romania and India, in special, sacred places, following in the footsteps of the great sages of India, with yoga retreats prepared for the soul.

Monica Filip guides you with gentleness and empathy in your journey of inner rediscovery, the perfect person if you want to discover authentic yoga, in a friendly way with your body and mind, keeping the authentic, traditional form of India.

In 2016 he graduated 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training Course in the world capital Yoga - Rishikesh, India, after which he became an accredited teacher of US Yoga Alliance on multiple yoga styles.


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