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1. Its history

Graffiti and street art share a colorful and complex history. Art on the walls began with people in caves, and nowadays it is created for a wide variety of different reasons: for fun, for art itself, to make political statements ... or for no reason, except for the desire to to be a vandal 😉

2. Diversity

Street art is diverse from any angle. There are many types of street art, from paste-up to murals, templates or labels.

There are street artists in almost every country in the world who are influenced and inspired by a multitude of cultures and styles. There are no limits to what an artist can do on the street.

3. Mystery and intrigue

Why did someone draw this work right there? What does it mean? Does it really mean anything? Who did it? Why?! … So many questions when you are a street art lover!

But with the advent of Instagram, it is now easier than ever to find the official profiles of artists and find out more about their work and why they do what they do. However, many street artists prefer to remain anonymous, both for reasons of confidentiality and legal reasons.

4. Political statement

Graffiti and street art have always been influenced by current political and social issues.

When people feel they have no power or influence, but want to express their anger, hatred or defiance of political injustice, this kind of art happens.

5. Freedom

Art is about expression, creativity, freedom, asking questions, protesting, analyzing ...

You don't have to be considered a "legitimate" artist; you don't have to have thousands of fans, on social networks, to be taken seriously by galleries or to be managed by an artists' agency. You can simply express yourself as you wish. In addition, you don't even have to see people's reactions to your work!

6. Painted streets = a more colorful world = a more beautiful life

Street art makes people happy; it makes their day more interesting. It adds character to what would otherwise be just gray and boring. Street art reminds people to enjoy life.

Street art takes the "normal" and makes it a thousand times more interesting.

7. Creativity

Street art is not limited to painting the walls of buildings. It's about interaction in public space. And if you don't like a work you just saw, you will definitely find another one you like. Creativity in this field is limitless.

Discover the street art of Bucharest in one of the guided tours that take place in the coming weekends. Choose the date you want to participate and register right now. Put on a comfortable pair of shoes and come and enjoy together the beautiful autumn outside on a tour among some of the beautifully painted buildings of the capital.


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