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1. Accept your feelings about change

If a change in your life worries you, accept that feeling. If you accept your feelings, it will be much easier to grow and move on. For example, if you have lost your job, I accept that you feel upset and / or disappointed.

2. Understand that change is an inevitable part of life

Before the time comes for you to accept change, learn that old things need to end and new things to come your way. The entire history of humanity is defined by changes, evolutions and continuous developments. Change is part of our lives and existence, and this often brings new opportunities.

3. Try to put the change in perspective

It is easy to be overwhelmed by change and let it take control of your emotions. But you can, just as well, get into a more positive mindset and put things in perspective for yourself. For example, ask yourself a few questions about change: "Why am I upset or worried about this change?", "What do I think will happen as a result of this change?", "Are these thoughts correct and realistic?" Going through these questions can help you determine if the change is really worth worrying about.

List the things you are grateful for in life. Practicing gratitude can help you feel happier, sleep better and even overcome trauma.

4. Look at the positive side of the situation

Even though change can have a negative effect on your life, in most circumstances, there is always something positive to look at. Use this as an opportunity to turn a loss or negative change into an opportunity or a way to rediscover your zest for life (eg, if you have lost your job, see this as an opportunity to to find a new job, a new career or a new way to support yourself, which will bring you more fulfillment, if you have separated from the other final, consider that there are reasons why this happened and that you could be happier in the long run)

5. Try to understand why the change bothers you so much

It is difficult to understand change and accept it, if you do not know clearly what makes you feel so uncomfortable or anxious. Therefore, this can help you alleviate some of your anxiety about change.

6. Accept the challenge

Try to see change as a challenge and a chance to grow. Remember that you are a strong and dynamic person and that you will be stronger as a result of this change.

Try to use change as motivation, if possible. For example, if you lose your job, then you could use this change as motivation to pursue a career you have always dreamed of.

You can learn more about change and how to evolve by taking advantage of it at the online group-coaching session, "I want a change in my life", from April 21, 2021, at 19:00.

The session is supported by one of the top reference coaches in Romania (and not only) - Maria-Iris Hoeppe (professional coach accredited by the International Coaching Federation), author of the volume "Book about changes", bestseller at the Gaudeamus Book Fair, edition 2017).


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