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There is no doubt about the deep connection between breathing and the mind. Breathing is vital. Breathing is life. It is the only thing we could not live without, and yet we rarely notice and recognize the importance of breathing.

In yoga practice there are several breathing techniques, each of which has physical, therapeutic and spiritual benefits.

Ujjayi breathing

Pranayama is the art of conscious breathing, after which the lungs begin to function at full capacity. Ujjayi breathing is one of the best known breathing techniques, a form of Pranayama which is often called "ocean breathing" or "Darth Vader breathing". No matter how you tell it, Ujjayi's breathing takes yoga practice to another level.

Ujjayi is considered a breathing technique in the diaphragm, which fills the lower abdomen.

Here are some benefits you can enjoy as a result of practicing Ujjayi breathing:

1. Improves concentration by helping to focus on the present moment. At the same time, Ujjayi allows the yoga practitioner to remain in different positions for longer periods of time.

2. Stimulates energy channels in the body bringing mental clarity. It reduces distraction and allows the practitioner to remain self-aware.

3. Regulates body warming. The friction of the air that passes through the lungs and throat generates internal heat. This is similar to a massage for the internal organs, which can thus be cleansed of the toxins they have accumulated.

4. Ujjayi balances the cardio-respiratory system, helping to transport oxygen to muscles and organs. It promotes the reduction of headaches, the improvement of sinus pressure and the strengthening of the nervous and digestive system. Ujjayi increases the amount of oxygen in the blood and regulates blood pressure.

For a state of well-being and mental clarity, participate in the yoga session BREATH INTO YOUR BODY - PRANAYAMA CLASS, with Sabrina, on Friday, April 16, from 19:00.

16 April, ora 19:00

23 April, ora 19:00



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