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1. For the best flavor, craft beer should never be tasted from a pint.

2. Adding beer to the marinade softens the meat.

3. The first brewers were women (in ancient Peru, breweries were operated by "elite women").

4. The most thirsty country in the world, per capita, is the Czech Republic. On average, the Czechs consume 148.6 liters of beer per year each.

5. To keep craft beer fresh, store it upright at room temperature in the dark.

6. The oldest drinking beer in the world was found in 2010, following a shipwreck in the Baltic Sea. It is believed that the ship sailed over 200 years ago.

7. Cenosilicaphobia is the fear of empty glasses. In order not to get into this disease, keep the refrigerator well stocked!

8. Craft beer is good for the bone system because it has a high level of silicon.

9. Germany and the United States are the largest hop producers in the world (most craft beers, even new ones, use hops imported from these countries)

10. Hops are poisonous to pets, so take care of your furry friends.

11. In medieval Europe, an average person consumes 220-250 liters of beer per year. This is because beer was considered cleaner and safer than drinking water.

12. Snails and snails love beer! If you want to get rid of these pests in the garden, put some beer in shallow containers at night.

Are you interested in deepening your knowledge about craft beer?

We recommend only a good place where you could do this, in the most practical way:

Wicked Barrel micro-brewery, which awaits you at a tasting of several beers produced by them, as well as a guided tour of the factory and the story of each type of craft beer they produce.

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