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Fri, 04 Feb


Your home / Your office

Improve Your Relationship with Feng Shui Experience

When someone complains about problems in their emotional life, there is always a connection between this type of problem and the space in which they live. The choices we make here influence the way we act and feel. And that's what Feng Shui is for.

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Improve Your Relationship with Feng Shui Experience
Improve Your Relationship with Feng Shui Experience

Ora și locul

04 Feb 2022, 09:00 EET – 31 Mar 2022, 18:00 EEST

Your home / Your office, Bucharest

Despre eveniment

Do you want to attract a stable relationship in your life or to amplify your charisma?

Make yourself a special gift in February! Choose a Feng Shui experience for you and your home / office.


The house we live in, the office we work in influences the way we feel. Thus, we can always be tired, depressed, have many conflicts, obstacles or misfortunes.

Feng Shui does not mean some commercially purchased items placed around the house, and so we find our half or have more prosperity or charisma.


Feng Shui is a science. This starts from the principle that each space is unique, and in order to find the right solution in achieving the goal we propose, it is necessary, first of all, to perform calculations and mathematical measurements of the space in which we live / work, measurements performed by specialists. At the same time, an analysis of the environment and the date of birth of the space tenant is performed. Based on the conclusions thus obtained, the person who uses this science will have to put into practice certain changes in the respective space in order to activate in the long run the energies that he wants to attract.

Choose to do something different in February, and a Feng Shui consulting session will definitely be a beneficial experience for your life to share with your friends.



What does the experience include?

  • A complete and correct Feng Shui assessment of the space where you live / work in order to determine the solutions for achieving the goal you want (attracting a stable relationship in your life / amplifying charisma)
  • Traveling the Feng Shui Consultant to the Field to Perform Measurements Using the Luo Pan Compass
  • Preparation of the Feng Shui report based on the measurements made on the spot and the information provided by the person acquiring the experience (year in which the building was built, sketch of the apartment / office, date of birth)
  • Direct discussion with the Feng Shui consultant on the conclusions of the report and the recommendations that should be followed
  • You receive 2 plans generated by the conclusions of the report, one with the energy sketch of the home / office, the other with the map of the flying stars, accompanied by the necessary explanations to know what you have to do to achieve the proposed objective.
  • The experience is supported by Georgiana Vasuian, Feng Shui consultant



  • for homes with an area of up to 50 m²: 1,400 lei
  • for homes with an area between 51 - 80 m²: 1,900 lei
  • for dwellings with an area> 80 m²: the establishment of the tariff is made after the communication by the interested person of the surface of the dwelling.




Requirements for participants:

The experience is valid in Bucharest, only




The experience is valid from February 4 to March 31, 2022



How it works:

All you have to do is select the experience and follow the steps required to book it, followed by payment.

You will receive by email the registration confirmation and additional data regarding how you will be able to take possession of it and what you need to prepare for the evaluation.






*All displayed images are for illustrative purposes only. The actual product may differ from the displayed images.


  • Feng Shui (up to 50 sqm)

    The ticket is valid for a Feng Shui consulting session for homes with an area of up to 50 sqm.

    RON 1,400.00
    Tax: TVA included
    Sale ended
  • Feng Shui (between 51 - 80 sqm)

    The ticket is valid for a Feng Shui consulting session for homes with an area between 51 - 80 sqm.

    RON 1,900.00
    Tax: TVA included
    Sale ended


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