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Thu, 30 Sept


Online session

Ayurveda Experience - Discover the proper Ayurveda lifestyle for your body

This event is in Romanian. Feel like home in your own skin. Discover how to get fit, become more beautiful and healthy using few basic things from Ayurvedic medicine into a modern approach. Everything from the comfort of your home. 🤓💻🥰👇

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Ayurveda Experience - Discover the proper Ayurveda lifestyle for your body
Ayurveda Experience - Discover the proper Ayurveda lifestyle for your body

Ora și locul

30 Sept 2021, 19:00 – 20:00

Online session

Despre eveniment

(This event is in Romanian)


Discover how your body works and what it is needed for o healthy and balanced life, using ayurvedic medicine.


Ayurvedic medicine focuses on three main forms of the body (doshas): Vata, Pitta, Kapha which should be found in balance in our body. But usually one of them is more dominant and each of them fluctuates depending on the environmental factors that surround us throughout life.


At the basic level, Pitta represents our metabolism, Kapha structure, and Vata is the mobility that brings action and creation into our lives.


If you have a profile in which Vata is dominant, then you are always the "restless", agitated type. Thus, in order to maintain your stability and balance, you need activities and foods with a calming effect. People who have a dominant Kapha are often slow, sedentary, which is why natural light is very important to them. While for those with dominant Pitta it is desirable to avoid excessive exposure to direct sunlight, avoid excessive use of the sauna or heating practices (such as hot baths), but also avoid fried and fatty foods, spicy or spices (such as cayenne pepper).


Therefore, one of the most important aspects of integrating Ayurveda into your life is to build and maintain a balanced daily routine.



If you want to discover what your dominant dosha is and what daily routine you should apply to live in balance, how to feel good in your body, what diet to apply depending on each season or how to incorporate Ayurvedic beauty practices in Your daily care routine, then your place is at this experience.


What does the experience include?

You will find out what your dosha is and what foods are best for you.

How to maintain your emotional and digestive balance so that you are full of vitality

What food routine to use so that your meals incorporate all six tastes for a balanced and healthy diet

How to feel at home in your own skin

You will receive guidance on how to approach imbalances in your lifestyle

How to adopt an Ayurvedic cuisine that supports your digestion

You will receive the electronic brochure 10 delicious Ayurvedic recipes to try at home

Additional experience: get a free subscription to live yoga sessions online, Tune Into Your Body - Yoga Flow (4 sessions)

Participate in the entire experience from the comfort of your home, through the Zoom application.


Price :

155 RON





Requirements for participants:

Minimum age: 18 years

You will need internet access and the Zoom application installed (on your phone or laptop)



30.09.2021, 07:00 PM

Session duration: 60 minutes

Venue: the comfort of your home

Last day for registration: 29.09.2021



How it works:

All you have to do is select the experience and follow the necessary steps to make the payment.

You will receive by email the registration confirmation and additional data for participation. Enjoy a beautiful life!







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  • Ayurveda Experience

    The rate includes: Brochure "10 delicious Ayurvedic recipes to try at home" Free access to online yoga classes "Tune Into Your Body - Yoga Flow" (4 sessions)

    RON 155.00
    Tax: TVA included
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