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Vastu Shastra translates to the science of architecture and describes the principles of design, measurement, land preparation, spatial planning and spatial geometry. Vastu Shastra explains that all things in the universe have an energy level and each building, object or land has an energetic vibration associated with it.

The universe is built of positive and negative energy, and Vastu's principles aim to eliminate negative energy and increase positive energy.

Among the benefits of applying Vastu Shastra principles:

  • Helps financial prosperity

  • Contributes to career stability

  • Helps academic development

  • Improve relationships

  • Helps maintain physical and mental health, etc.

Some Vastu tips for financial prosperity at home:

  • The main door is the entrance to the energies of the house, keep it clean and decorated to attract wealth

  • The purple color represents wealth, therefore painting the walls of the house in shades of purple is beneficial

  • If repainting the walls of the house is difficult, keep the money plant in a purple pot as a replacement.

  • If you keep the money in a closet, then it should be placed on the south or southwest wall of the house. Also, placing a mirror right in front of the closet is another way to attract wealth. Symbolize that your money is doubled!

  • It is believed that fish help to clean the house, so an aquarium in the northeastern part of the house will be beneficial. It must always be clean and airy.

Vastu tips for good health:

  • For a healthy sleep, it is recommended to sleep with your head facing south

  • The center of the house should always be left empty or with very light furniture. This ensures the free flow of energy

  • The best place for a fire element in the house (such as candles, fireplace, stove) is the location on the southeast or northwest direction.

  • For good health, face northeast or east while drinking water

  • Growing citrus plants and keeping them at the entrance to the house attracts health in the house.

Some general tips of the Vastu philosophy to follow at home:

  • Always keep the corners of the house bright because they are powerful sources of energy. Remove the spider webs as soon as you discover them, because their presence prevents the financial growth of family members.

  • Place a Holy Basil plant on the northeast direction of the house to drive away the negative energies from the house

  • Avoid building spiral staircases in the house, because they attract negative energy in the house.

If you are attracted by the philosophy of Vastu Shastra and want to participate in a special experience, from the comfort of your home, book now your place at Vastu Shastra & Yoga Workshop, The Art of Living Space, Body, Mind & Soul, from 04 November 2021. The experience is hosted by Monica Filip (Yoga & Meditation Guide, Founder Yoga by Monica Filip) together with her guest, Iulia Taraze (Architect, Astrologer & Crystal Therapist, Founder of Metamorphose Workshop).


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